Resolve your family law disputes quickly and effectively

Separating or divorcing? Court proceedings can take a long time and be expensive, divisive and harmful to your family. There are other ways you can resolve your family law disputes, such as through mediation, arbitration or Rapid Resolution. Contact Cheryl to find out which dispute resolution process is best for you.

Meet Cheryl

As a skilled mediator and arbitrator, Cheryl helps families and individuals move forward with their lives, past their separation and divorce, by reaching fair agreements to achieve closure and preserve respectful relationships for the benefit of their children. Through mediation, arbitration and Rapid Resolution, Cheryl is able to provide solutions which help to minimize the cost, acrimony, time and emotional pain to families and their children normally associated with family law litigation.

With nearly 40 years of experience as a family law lawyer and a Masters degree in counselling, Cheryl is particularly sensitive to, and has a unique perspective on, the emotional and financial issues that strain most family cases and what it takes to resolve seemingly irreconcilable differences.

Contact Cheryl to find the right dispute resolution process for you

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