Cheryl Goldhart, Speaker at 12th Annual Recent Developments in Advanced Issues in Child Suppport and Spousal Support 2022 – Osgoode Hall Law School, Professional Development

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By Cheryl Goldhart
Founder and Principal of Goldhart Law and Goldhart Mediation & Arbitration.

Cheryl was a speaker on current issues in child support and spousal support at Osgoode Hall Law School, Professional Development’s 12th Annual Recent Developments in Advanced Issues in Child and Spousal Support 2022, the annual program which has become the must attend for the family law bar. The Program provides an in-depth analysis of critical issues together with real-world applications and strategies from senior family law judges and lawyers as they delve into the challenges lawyers and their clients grapple with daily.

Cheryl, alongside The Hon. Justice Melanie Kraft of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, delved into the challenges of negotiating and litigating claims for retroactive child support and spousal support in the post-Colucci era. Cheryl had particularly unique insights to offer participants as she was the legal counsel successfully representing Ms. Colucci at the Supreme Court of Canada. The Post-Colucci era has heralded in significant changes in how claims for retroactive child and spousal support claims are handled, and Cheryl’s session provided much-needed clarity on the matter.

The session focused on key issues, including the Court’s current position on discounting retroactive support claims and support arrears lost in settlement discussions. Additionally, the session explored the issues counsel need to be aware of when negotiating these claims. Finally, the session addressed what the Court needs from counsel when advancing or defending an application for retroactive support. Cheryl’s expertise in this area provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of these issues, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate these challenging aspects of family law.

Cheryl was pleased to contribute and share her expertise and insights, hoping to add significant value for the conference attendees and further their understanding of advanced issues in child support and spousal support.

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