Cheryl Goldhart, Program Developer and Chair, for Family Arbitration for Family Law Lawyers: Strategies for Success 2022 – Osgoode Hall Law School, Professional Development

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By Cheryl Goldhart
Founder and Principal of Goldhart Law and Goldhart Mediation & Arbitration.

Cheryl Goldhart was the Program Chair and a Speaker for the Osgoode Hall Law School, Professional Development’s inaugural (and to be recurring) program Family Arbitration for Family Law Lawyers: Strategies for Success, designed to provide family law lawyers with the practical guidance they need to manage the challenges of arbitration with confidence. In particular, experienced family law arbitrators and senior counsel guided attendees through the arbitration process and equipped them with the key knowledge and strategies counsel need to effectively navigate this complex process. In addition, the conference provided an in-depth analysis of the critical issues confronting the family law bar, offering practical and relevant information that attendees can immediately put to use in their practice.

Cheryl developed the program and served as the Program Chair and a speaker at this conference and she led a session titled Planning Family Arbitration: Best Practices, where she discussed key issues that counsel should consider before engaging in arbitration.

In her session, Cheryl delved into the process of assessing the appropriate dispute resolution path for a case, understanding what family arbitration is and isn’t, and considering whether family mediation-arbitration is a better option for the client. She also provided a how-to guide for choosing an arbitrator and offered advice on how to inform clients about the family arbitration process.

Cheryl’s insights and expertise added value to the Conference, contributing to its goal of providing a comprehensive understanding of advanced issues in family law arbitration, making the Conference a valuable resource for professionals in the field.

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