Cheryl Goldhart, Program Committee Member and Speaker at 2022 Annual Conference – Widening the Scope of FDR – Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario

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By Cheryl Goldhart
Founder and Principal of Goldhart Law and Goldhart Mediation & Arbitration.

Cheryl Goldhart was the Program Chair and a speaker at the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario’s Annual Conference – Widening the Scope of Family Dispute Resolution.

As a committee member of the Program, Cheryl was involved in the development of the content and structure of the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario Event to provide relevant and valuable resources and information to the participants. Programs at the event included sessions on: Grey Divorce Issues; Awakened Parenting Program; Questions Mediators Should Ask Chartered Business, Valuators; Judges Perspective On Mediation And Arbitration; Community Based Mediation; Reviewing Tax Returns With A CBV; Engaging in Cultural Competency To Enhance Dispute Resolution; and Avoiding Complaints And Liabilities In Family Dispute Resolution.

During the event, Cheryl moderated two significant sessions. The first session was titled Grey Divorce – Capacity Issues, Obligation, Predatory Marriages, Adult Children. Much as the title suggests, This session delved into the complexities of grey divorce, focusing on capacity issues of older spouses separating or divorcing, respective obligations of the spouses, predatory marriages, and the impact of such separation or divorce on adult children. It offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of these issues, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate these challenging aspects of family law.

The second session moderated by Cheryl was Judges Perspective on Mediation and Arbitration in a Post Pandemic World. This session provided a unique perspective on family mediation and family arbitration and other family dispute resolution processes in the context of a world and more locally, in Ontario, recovering from the global pandemic. It explored how the pandemic has influenced these processes and what changes can be expected in the future. This session was particularly relevant, given the significant impact of the pandemic on dispute resolution processes worldwide.

All in all, the Event was a great success and reflected FDRIO’s commitment to providing valuable resources and training to professionals who practice in the field of family dispute resolution.

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